history, in the making

Parr’s Bank Hotel is an independently owned, boutique hotel situated in the heart of Warrington, Cheshire.

A Grade II listed building built in 1877, it is owned and managed by a local husband and wife team who are passionate about the town and its heritage. Their vision is to create a truly unique leisure experience in the town.

The Parr’s Bank is being lovingly restored by local husband and wife team Yaad (33) and Pavan (30) who bought the Grade II listed building early 2020. The former bank had been sitting empty for 8 years and was in a complete state of disrepair. However the pair saw beyond this and had the vision of creating a Boutique Hotel aimed for business travel and renting out the ground floor space.

When Covid hit a month later many people offered Yaad & Pavan their condolences for buying a building which required so much work in such uncertain times. The young couple realised their plans may have to be flexible so the hotel went on the back burner and Counter’s Coffee was born in April 2021.

Yaad coming from a Project Management background re-invented himself as a Barista & Pavan from a Property background became a Brunch Chef. Learning a whole new world of food and beverage, they combined their Indian Heritage and love of fine local ingredients and created a menu unique to Cheshire.

Many customers would come for a Coffee and sneak into the ornate Banking Hall and Pavan & Yaad soon realised they would be doing the building a disservice by not making the Banking Hall accessible to the general public.

The next chapter of their journey begun and they started to renovate the Banking Hall as an Events Space & Licensed Wedding Venue. From Weddings to Yoga Workshops to Corporate Events & Afternoon Teas the versatile space is proving to be a hit and showcases some of Cheshires grand Neo-Classical architecture. Through the renovation they unearthed priceless ceramic Victorian tiles and hand carved coving. They made a pledge to restore as much as possible and ensure the renovation was in keeping with the historical feel of the building. They both developed a keen interest into the past of the building and would work closely with Warrington Museums & Archives to find out more about the history of the former bank.

As Events & Counter’s felt established and their core team found their feet, the initial plan for the building could be revisited, and Yaad hung up his Barista apron to commence Project Management of the Hotel they had once dreamt about. The fifteen bedroom boutique hotel is due to open Summer 2023.

Like many incredible journeys, the renovation of the Parr’s Bank has allowed the couple to see many great days but also days of tears and fear. With the tremendous support of both of their families and the local community their dream is becoming a reality and they have also had a beautiful daughter Gia who makes regular appearances in Counter’s. At times their visions have felt delusional and impossible, but with each month that has passed, progress has been made and they have become a step closer to their end goals. They truly live by the motto that everything happens for a reason and they believe having to restructure their initial plans has been of a great benefit. They were able to create a brand throughout the building which consists of luxury and quality.

from the parr’s bank vaults

The building was originally home to Parr’s Banking Co. Having opened their doors in 1788 as Parr, Lyon & Greenall on another part of Winwick Street, the purpose-built building was opened in 1877 to provide more spacious and suitable accommodation.

built to last, for over 100 years

Designed by Thomas Beesley, the premises continued to serve as the bank’s head office until 1891, when a London bank with property in Lombard Street was acquired providing a principal office in the capital and a seat on the London Clearing House.

at the turn of the 20th century

In 1918, London County & Westminster Bank merged with Parr’s Banking Co, becoming the London County Westminster & Parr’s Bank, shortening to Westminster Bank in 1923.

the swinging 60’s

Fast forward to 1968, Westminster Bank and National Provincial Bank, along with National Provincial’s subsidiary District Bank, announced their intention to merge. The operations of all three banks were combined, trading as National Westminster Bank from 1 January 1970.

2015 (and beyond)

Part of the aesthetics of the town for 45 years, the Natwest branch closed on 18 November 2015, remaining vacant for five years. Long forgotten and regularly walked past on people’s commutes in and out of the town, the building was purchased by today’s owners, Yaad and Pavan.

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